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With zero waste

We LOVE good food! But not the waste that comes with take-out and delivery, or the cupboard filled with old containers, or the "eco-guilt" of knowing that what we put into the recycling will likely end up in a landfill rather than getting properly recycled.
So…we've created a reusable food container program that makes zero-waste fun, easy, and convenient!
As soon as you sign up and become a member you can order from any restaurant or food vendor in our growing network and receive your order in high-quality containers that help keep your meals fresh.
When you’re done, simply return the container to your local 24/7 collection kiosk or restaurant return bin (where available) at your convenience.




In addition to loving good food, we also love our planet.
One of the biggest environmental issues we face with take-out and delivery is single-use disposables. Whether we use recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable food containers, the waste and recycling systems cannot effectively sort and send them to the proper recycling or composting facilities. As a result, they end up in landfills, incinerators, or back in our neighborhoods, parks, forests, creeks, rivers, and oceans. 
Every time you choose to use a Paradigm One container, you're helping to stop single-use pollution, keep our communities clean, support local economies, and create a more beautiful (and flavorful) world!


Paradigm One is a Benefit Company whose commitment to positive social and environmental impact is central to its founding and incorporated into its Articles of Organization.


In addition to supporting local businesses and using electric vehicles, we are working to ensure that, as we grow, we remain in alignment with the Paris Agreement's 1.5°C targets and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.








We have also implemented membership-driven tree planting and coral seeding programs to help support healthy forests and oceans, which are critical to biodiversity and climate stability. 

Trees Planted
Coral Reef Garden Seeded
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