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Seafood Dish

 Deliver the Taste 

 with Zero Waste 

We have closed the Paradigm To Go program and are

no longer offering partnerships.


Paradigm One offers a reusable food container service for food vendors and customers that makes zero-waste fun, easy, and convenient.


We provide restaurants, pop-ups, food trucks, caterers, and other commercial vendors with high-quality Paradigm One reusable containers. When members order from the network they receive their food in our containers and, once the member is done with their meal, they simply return the container to either a local 24/7 collection kiosk or restaurant return bin at their convenience. We then collect and sanitize the containers and restock the restaurants and vendors as needed.


If you are a restaurant, food vendor, or organization with food service facilities contact us to learn how we can help you reduce your waste and meet your sustainability goals. 

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